3 kid-safe polishes to choose from: Piggy Paint durable, #1 safest *or* Miss Nella peel-off *or* Nailmatic wash-off

Worry-free mani fun! You choose: durable, peel-off, or wash-off

Three kid-safe, rainbow-tastic nail polishes: one durable (Piggy Paint); one peel-off (Miss Nella.); and one wash-off (Nailmatic).

All are water-based, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free.

>> Choose durable: Piggy Paint is the #1 safest of any nail polish! 12-free with just 4 ingredients. Recommended by ELLE, TeenVogue, Kourtney Kardashian, amongst others. Blow with a hairdryer for 60 seconds: it lasts like a traditional polish! Made in USA.

>> Choose peel-off: Miss Nella is 11-free and peels cleanly off for quick, easy glam! Made in France.

>> Choose wash-off: Nailmatic is 12-free and looks fantastic but washes easily off with soap and water. For more playful nail painting. Made in France.